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Using Orafate™ 

General Dentists

Orafate™ Sucralfate Malate Gel forms 
a protective layer over the oral mucosa
by adhering to the mucosal surface which 
allows it to protect against further 
irritation and relieve pain. The gel 
may be used in the management of mouth 
lesions of all types including aphthous 
ulcer, minor lesions, chafing and 
traumatic ulcers, abrasions caused by braces and ill fitting dentures.

As an anti-inflammatory medicament, Orafate™ may be administered in office following 
cleanings. This in-office application of Orafate™ is a billable procedure for which 
dentists may be reimbursed under ADA code D9630 – in-office use of “other drugs 
and /or medicaments, by report”. Orafate™ facilitates the healing of all wounds 
and lesions in the oral mucosa, and also helps in the management of all periodontal

Orafate™ is generally safe to use as high potency sucralfate (the main ingredient 
of Orafate™) has been prescribed by clinicians in the US and abroad for 13 years.

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