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Using Orafate™ 

ENT Surgeons

Orafate™ is designed for the efficient management of oral post-surgical wounds 
which remains an inadequately addressed medical need in otolaryngology 
(ENT surgery). Orafate™ adheres to the mucosa triggering the activation of growth 
factors that accelerate rapid healing.

Hemostasis, Rapid Wound Healing & Pain Relief
Oral post-surgical wounds need: hemostasis (bleeding to stop), wound healing  and 
pain relief.  Orafate provides a 7 – 23 fold stronger coating than generic sucralfate 
the latter of which has been reported useful in managing mucosal wounds [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

Orafate™ contributes to all three needs: 
(1) 	Sucralfate has been used successfully as a hemostatic agent by 
	gastroenterologists1. High potency sucralfate binds thrombin to 
	naturally slow venous and capillary bleeding.  
(2) 	Orafate™ accelerates healing by 366% compared to normal healing.
(3) 	Orafate's™ active ingredient, high potency sucralfate, addresses pain in 
	two ways. First it coats local pain receptors in the mucosa allowing reversal 
	of ion-flux that trigger pain. Second Orafate™ coating facilitate reversal 
	of pro-inflammatory cytokine and the release of local nerve pain factors. 
	Each of these clinical effects is due to a 2400% superior coating action of 
	Orafate™ compared to generic sucralfate.

Product design and mechanism
Orafate™ is a specialized formulation of sucralfate presented in gel form. In Orafate™, 
generic sucralfate compound is reversibly cross-linked into sucralfate sheets known as 
high potency sucralfate. Sucralfate sheets assume an egg-crate configuration, a novel 
configuration that allow for efficient layering of sheets in a stackable open “egg-crate” 
fashion.  Sucralfate sheets of Orafate™ have unique surface effects resulting in several 
beneficial outcomes for the patient with oral surgical wounds. 

Orafate™ Benefits
First, in its highly layered fashion, Orafate™ binds to thrombin to assist in stopping 
venous and capillary bleeding. Second Orafate™ covers the surgical wound with a protective 
coat that allows acceleration of healing by 366% 2 above normal. Third, the 
electro-negative micro-environ created by “sucralfate sheets’ of Orafate™ facilitate a 
reversal of ion fluxes across membranes of pain receptors. The multi-fold coat of high 
potency sucralfate in Orafate™ facilitates reversal of pro-inflammatory cytokines that 
trigger the release of nerve pain factors reducing them. 

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