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Using Orafate™ 


Orafate™ facilitates the rapid healing 
of gingival and bone wounds from tooth 
extractions and dental implants. 
Orafate™ works to relieve patients 
that are beset with poorly healing tooth 
extractions that lead to aveolitis, 
post-operative infection of bone left 
exposed by extraction. They are also 
challenged by perioperative gingivitis and bone infection from dental implants. This would help 
Orthodontists battle aggressive infections and inflammation from periodontitis. 

●   21.535 million visits by adults 21-64 years of age for general dentistry in 2004 1
●   2.154 million of these adults had chronic periodontal disease2 with gum pocket 
	depths of greater than or equal to 4 millimeters. These patients have 10% or 
	greater bone loss with Grade I-III looseness of teeth.
●   7.537 million adults have mild gingivitis 2 with gum pocket depths 
	between 3 & 4 millimeters with bleeding gums upon probing with visual signs of 
●   These 9.691 million patients do not have treatment plans that include a 
	“simple first step” to reverse periodontal disease.
●   Orafate™ provide a “Simple First Step” for the reversal of periodontal disease 
	the prevention of tooth loss.

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