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Using Orafate™ 

Urgent Care Practitioners  

Orafate™ Sucralfate Malate Gel forms a protective layer over the oral mucosa and 
may be used by urgent care practitioners in the management of mouth lesions of all types 
including aphthous ulcers, cold sores and dry sockets.

Aphthous ulcers (Canker sores)
An aphthous ulcer is a painful, open sore 
that occurs in the mouth. They have 
white or yellow and bright red appearance 
and may occur with viral infections. 
Aphthous ulcers are not cancerous and 
are usually associated with problems in 
the body's natural immune system. The sores can aso be as result of injury to the mouth during
dental work, biting the tongue or cheek, food allergies, and deficiencies of certain vitamins 
and minerals. Orafate™ adheres to the mucosal surface which causes it to protect against further 
irritation and relieve pain. The paste may be used in the management of mouth lesions of all types 
of aphthous ulcers and lesions

Herpes labialis (Cold Sores)
Cold sore or Herpes Labialis is an infection 
of the lips, mouth or gums as a result of the 
herpes simplex virus. It causes small painful 
blisters. Orafate™ forms a protective 
layer over the area of the site of infection 
on the mucosa, protecting it against further 
irritation and relieving pain and leading to
its rapid healing. 

Alveolar osteitis (Dry Sockets)
Dry sockets are formed after blood clots that 
are formed after a tooth is pulled become 
dislodged leaving that cavity in the bone 
exposed to infection. This infection causes 
severe pain and can last for up to 6 days.
Orafate™ forms a layer of protection over 
the infected cavity, relieves pain and leads 
to its rapid healing. 

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